Visual Computing

The Visual Computing major combines computer science and mathematics to explore tomorrow's technologies. Virtual environnements modelisation and visualisation, man-machine interaction and multimedia technologies are at the heart of this major.


Digital image processing, analysis and sythesis, directed both towards computer graphics and simulation.


Design and study of man-machine interfaces, and of ergonomical challenges in real-time systems.


Conception and Development of dynamic, interactive virtual environments

With a project-oriented pedagogy, the graduate engineer student is versatile and has the necessary skills to join the imaging and virtual fields.

Among the professional fields open to the students are image synthesis, simulation, computer vision, virtual and augmented reality, film and video game industry.
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Discover some of our works.

HTC Vive Project

Immersion Project

Inverse Kinematics

End of studies project

Facial detection

Image analysis

Saving Zelda Rayan

Qt Interfaces

3D Labyrinth

Game Engines

Leap Motion Project

Man-machines interfaces


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